My main professional goal is to become the best 3d artist I can be. I am a responsible, hardworking and detail oriented person. I love my work, it is my passion, and therefore I spend countless hours dedicated to it in and out of the office. 



My huge enthusiasm for my work makes me a fast learner and a very proactive person.




I love the video games!!!







Personal information

Name:            Martín Garcías Ticoulat

Mobile Phone:   690969094




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Art experience

Education and qualifications


HND Videogame design - First course

HND in Software engineering

Videogame character's design course

Videogame character's creation course

QA course

Aninum 3d School


Master online - Modelado de personajes en 3D para cine & videojuegos.

Utad - Centro universitario de tecnología y arte digital


Master en arte y diseño visual de videojuegos.

Work experience

Stardive Studio

3D Artist in Beyond Mankind

Entropy Games

3D Artist in ELEMENT-0

Tragnarion Studios


QA tester

Testing of Scourge Outbreak videogame, Bloxland videogame and Scourge Ambush videogame.

3d Modeling and texturing of objects and characters.

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